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India's marquee global technology company. They are an international flag-bearer of technical and managerial excellence. With offices around the globe, the company has a comprehensive presence across multiple segments of the IT product and service industries. They are a respected career company and a long-term wealth creator.

The company is seeking to hire Instructional Designers and Learning Architects for their Learning Services group. The group manages projects for client facing as well as in-house projects.

Summary of essential job functions:

  • Analysis: The Instructional designer contributes towards understanding the training needs, goal analysis, audience analysis, gather and analyze Instructional content. The jobholder understands the project requirements which include understanding the training needs, identifying the overall course goal, understanding user requirements by conducting user interviews etc collate and understand the subject matter, with the aid of subject matter experts (SME).
  • Design: The Instructional designer defines learning objectives, course syllabus, pre-requisites, course outline instructional design strategy and evaluation strategies. The jobholder defines the learning objectives; prepare an outline for the course including sections, topics and chapters. Pre-requisites for the course are also defined. The Instructional Designer conceptualizes instructional design strategy and evaluation strategy and techniques based on the subject matter and audience. Identifying media and tools for development are also performed by the jobholder.
  • Develop Storyboard: The Instructional Designer generates content, questionnaires and develops storyboards for the course. The Instructional Designer prepares storyboards for the entire course which forms the input for creative designers and developers. Detailed content including evaluation questionnaires will be developed based on the Instructional Design and evaluation strategy.
  • Design Reviews: The Instructional Designer plans and organizes reviews of the story board with SMEs, project team members and other stakeholders. The Instructional Designer prepares a project plan factoring time for reviews by all stakeholders of the deliverable. Design reviews are performed at different stages of storyboarding, inputs from SME, creative designers and developers are sought for validation.
  • Evaluation: The Instructional Designer reviews content and presentation during the development and he/she evaluates participant learning. The Instructional Designer reviews the development of the project and ensures that the Instructional Design and evaluation strategy is implemented as per the design. The Learning course is put to test and the Instructional Designer evaluates the effectiveness of the course based on which re-work if any are planned and executed. Going through a certification or training in Instructional design would be an additional advantage.3
Your Profile

You must have a professional degree or a graduation in English language from a reputed institution and relevant experience in Learning and Instructional design with a large corporate or a specialised learning service provider.

Key skills include :Story Boarding, Articulation, Content Development, Instructional Designing

Positions exist across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune